Chemical-tannery firms that focus on research and have created their proposals following the WINTER 2020/2021 fashion trends.

Material Preview offers commercial opportunities, creating a synergy between firms that share the same objectives, involving the entire leather production chain. An exclusive environment in a theme scenario focusing on fashion trends, styles and inspirational moods. A significant group of chemical firms that offer competitivity and creativeness. Concrete stylistic responses to anticipate the trends and influences of tomorrow. Material Preview is a specialized and selective event where chemical producers share at least three characteristics: the quality level of the respective firms and their products, extreme professionalism, a commitment to research and experimentation in the fields of aesthetics and technology. The objective of Material Preview is to promote dialog among producers of materials and the protagonists of fashion and design, who are presented with a selection of unique leathers based on a growing demand for quality. The proposals are formulated using the latest innovations and creativity to support the fashion and design protagonists in their selection of the best ingredients for developing their final product. Material Preview is a unique appointment to develop new commercial opportunities through research, innovation, inspiration and a modern way of doing business. Material Preview is a strategic and commercial instrument supporting Italian quality leather, useful and necessary to consolidate the position of our products on the international market. The ability to develop and distribute collections on the market promptly, before the beginning of the season, has become increasingly important.